Testimonials - Creative agency

Creative agency

"Xero is often a source of inspiration – it simplifies our finances and makes a usually complicated process easy."

Nathan Heleine Read more

Testimonials - Startups


"We want to make sure that our vendors get paid on time and that our partners are happy."

Patrick Tescher Watch now

Accounting Software Retail Testimonial


"Xero has really cut my accounting time by 80%. It gives me goosebumps thinking about all that extra time I have."

Bridget Labus Read more

Testimonials - Non-Profit


"The story we're now able to view through Xero is giving us a lot more information than just numbers."

Castaly Lombe Read more

Testimonials - Franchise


"Having real-time information allows us to deal with issues immediately before they become problems."

Tony Melhem Read more

Testimonials - Round Earth

Round Earth

"It worked in a much more natural and intuitive way than the accounting software I was accustomed to using."

Sarah Lafferty Watch now

Cloudsourced -De Clerq

Accounting practice

"Xero is total collaboration. It's like we're right there in the room together."

Blake Oliver Read more

Testimonials - Branding & advertsing

Branding & advertising

"Everything is very professional looking, unlike many other solutions."

Colin Lange Read more

Testimonials - Retail


"It's helped us dramatically. At any given time I can see exactly what's happening in our business."

Rachel Saunders Watch now

Testimonials - Asset tracking & inventory

Asset tracking & inventory

"It has helped us stay organized and efficiently collaborate."

Scott J Soucy Read more

Testimonials - In-house accountant

In-house accountant

"When I think of Xero, I think of two things: easy to use and support when I need it."

Komal Chhiba Read more

Testimonials - Web design

Web design

"With Xero, I'm actually enjoying doing the books for my business, and because I'm doing the reconciliation almost everyday, my month-end is a very simple." 

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain Read more

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