Xero Small Business Insights (XSBI)

Thank you for your interest in Xero Small Business Insights. We are currently improving some internal aspects of our program. Once this is completed we will release new data and make it available on this website.

A quick introduction to Xero Small Business Insights.

Xero Small Business Index

The Xero Small Business Index is a single measure that shows changes in the performance of small businesses from month to month.

  • The Australian Index

    The Australian Small Business Index rose 2 points in January, after falling 28 points in December.

  • The New Zealand Index

    The New Zealand Small Business Index fell 22 points in January, after falling 15 points in December.

  • The United Kingdom Index

    The United Kingdom's Small Business Index rose 7 points in January, after falling 8 points in December.

Small business sales

In Canada and the United States the main indicator we track is small business sales, measured in year-over-year (y/y) terms.

Global updates and data

This month’s global update

The latest on the state of small businesses around the world.

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This month’s data

Download all the Xero Small Business Index data in Excel format.

Latest data (ZIP file)


An explanation of data sources and how the index is constructed.

Learn about the index

Small business research hub

For deeper insights and analysis, explore the latest commentary, research, and data from the global small business sector.

Commentary and research

Find the latest economic commentary and research, viewed through a small business lens.

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Special reports

Take a deep dive into specific small business data and topics.

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Mindset and wellbeing research

Explore research into the mindset, motivations, and wellbeing of small business owners around the world.

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