Small business software that’s easy to use

Take back control and streamline invoicing, payroll, inventory, and much more. Explore how different types of businesses use Xero accounting software.


Balance your passion, your projects and your finances from on-site or back at base with Xero’s hassle-free online accounting.

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Connect your accounts with leading shopping cart, inventory management and marketplace packages.

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Streamline your business with integrations for point of sale, inventory management, shipping and payments.

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Xero is a key ingredient for success. It's easy to integrate your accounts with apps for point of sale, inventory management and more.

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Maximise your billable time while having total control of your finances with easy invoicing and payment solutions.

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Manage your accounts efficiently and with transparency, so you can spend time on the important things.

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Amazon sellers

Seamlessly integrate your accounts with best-in-class inventory management and other key Amazon add-ons.

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Blend your passion for coffee with Xero, and enjoy integrated solutions for inventory management and point of sale.

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Whether you’re VC funded or bootstrapped, Xero helps keep everything financial on point, so you can devote time to innovating and growing relationships.

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Information technology (IT)

Get more time to innovate with total visibility of your accounts, cash flow, invoicing and online payments.

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Streamline your tasks and save hours on admin with beautiful accounting software that's intuitive and simple.

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Global small business

Take on the world. And work on your business accounts from wherever you are.

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Spend more time caring for your patients with intuitive accounting software that lets you work from anywhere.

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Spend more time out and about on the farm and less time on the numbers with easy-to-use accounting software.

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Better understand your business and stay on top of cash flow with integrated solutions for inventory management.

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Work from anywhere and stay on top of your finances with intuitive accounting software that’s easy to use.

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Real estate

Keeping track of your assets and maintaining your records has never been easier with simple invoicing and payment options.

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