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Spend your time on your practice, not on administration. Xero Practice Manager is the platform for accountants to manage their client work. Easily record time, monitor work in progress, run invoicing and enjoy powerful reporting.

Benefits of Practice Manager

Streamline client invoicing

Convert work-in-progress records to invoices, and bill your clients directly from within Xero Practice Manager.

Keep tabs on progress

Define your own jobs to manage workflow, create tasks and monitor staff performance and client profitability.

Sync your client data

Practice Manager integrates client and invoice information with Xero.


Accurate time recording

Use the built-in timer to record time against clients as you work, or enter details as you go against jobs and tasks.

Practice Manager 1
Practice Manager 1

Real-time job and WIP tracking

Get a real-time view of your on-going jobs and work in progress so managing your workflow and recovering costs is quick and easy.

Flexible report builder

Create reports your way. Create customizable reports on your clients, jobs and timesheets or tax lodgments.

Practice Manager 1

Record time on the go

Use the WorkflowMax app to record time against client jobs anywhere, anytime.
(iPhone app available now; Android app coming soon.)

workflowmax for iOS

Use the timer to record
time worked directly

workflowmax for iOS

View all your active jobs

workflowmax for iOS

Edit your job tasks,
milestones and costs

Manage your information

Don’t wait around for the answers. Find out what you need to know instantly so you can make decisions faster. And work smarter.

No software
No software to install

Thankfully the days of software updates are over. Xero Practice Manager lives securely in the cloud.

No license
No expensive licensing

Pay a small monthly fee, or enjoy access to Xero Practice Manager as an added benefit of being a Xero partner.

No support cost
No support costs

We’re here to help you get the most out of Xero Practice Manager. And we regularly update the software too. All at no extra cost.

Ways to master Practice Manager

Want an in-depth look at Xero Practice Manager or to check out a feature? We’ve got what you need.

Watch an overview

Xero Practice Manager overview

Check out more training

Get educated online

Help at your fingertips

Xero help center

Your questions answered

How much does it cost to use Xero Practice Manager?
Practice Manager is available as a partner program benefit for all silver accounting and bookkeeping partners and above . If you a Xero partner but haven’t reached silver just yet, you can purchase Xero Practice Manager and Workpapers for $149 a month

How do I set up Xero Practice Manager?
To get started, complete the step-by-step self-paced Xero U course Keeping Client Data up to date in Practice Manager.

How do I train my staff on Xero Practice Manager?
Start by having your staff complete the step-by-step self-paced Xero-U course Keeping Client Data up to date in Practice Manager. For more help, please contact your dedicated Xero account manager.

Does Xero Practice Manager support tax?
For partners based in Australia and New Zealand, Practice Manager integrates directly with Xero Tax to support e-filing and e-sign of your client income tax and GST returns. For more information refer to
Xero Tax.

What ecosystem partners integrate with Xero Practice Manager?
Numerous third party software tools integrate with Practice Manager. Explore the apps.

Contact support and access training for Xero Practice Manager?
Practice products are supported by Xero via dedicated email support, the award-winning Xero Help Center, and online learning delivered via Xero U and Xero TV. You can also engage Xero practice consultants for end-to-end assistance with implementation, migration and training. For more information ask your dedicated account manager or contact us on partnerteam@xero.com.

What’s the difference between WorkflowMax and Xero Practice Manager?
WorkflowMax is a flexible job costing and workflow management platform for professional service businesses like architects, engineers, consultants and design agencies. Practice Manager is built using the same platform but it has been optimized for accountants and bookkeepers and contains additional features and templates such as tax filing and tax management.

What are the latest changes to Xero Practice Manager?
We frequently add to and improve the tax forms, worksheets and other features of Practice Manager. See the latest updates.


Partner Program

My Xero Partner Edition is available worldwide to eligible accounting and bookkeeping partners as a benefit of the Xero Partner Program.
Contact us about becoming a Xero partner and our welcome team will help you get started.

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