Integrate Xero with leading tax software solutions

Xero’s open platform lets accountants and bookkeepers integrate third-party tax software to suit their year-end workflow.

An accountant talks through their year-end workflow with a colleague in front of an open laptop.

Directly connect Xero to industry-leading tax solutions

Integrate Xero with CCH Axcess Financial Prep

Efficiently complete tax preparation engagements by transferring your client’s Xero trial balance into CCH Axcess Financial Prep, eliminating the need to manually export, import, and enter data.

Send your clients’ Xero income statements and balance sheets directly into tax returns within CrossLink. Once imported, the newly added financial data can be easily classified and mapped, improving speed and accuracy.

Easy 1099 processing

Tired of printing 1099s? Ditch the paper and switch to Xero to manage 1099s in the cloud. Identify and group 1099 contractors, gather W9s, fix coding errors, and generate 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC reports, to help make year-end 1099 processing simple.

  • Xero can generate both 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC reports in one smooth workflow
  • Create customized rules to identify and calculate box amounts from 1099 related transactions recorded in Xero.
  • Connect the 1099 report directly to our popular e-filing partners or export the report as a CSV.

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