Business plan templates to bring your idea to life.

Ready to move that business idea closer to reality? Then it’s time to make a plan. The pathway to your goals will become a whole lot clearer. Choose one of our free business plan templates and get started.

Choose between a long or short business plan

You’ve probably found dozens of business plan templates out there. We’re going to simplify the choice by offering just two. The traditional multi-pager, or the one-pager. They touch on the same points. It’s just that one is more detailed. While you may ultimately be required to prepare a long business plan, a one-pager is a great place to start. Because the most important thing about a business plan is not how big it is – but how finished it is.

1 page

One-page business plan template


Great for making a start.

Helps you pin down the main idea.

Easy to update as things evolve.

multi page

Multi-page business plan template

Ideal for nailing down the details.

Required by most investors and lenders.

Good if you face big startup costs.

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What to put in your business plan

Whether you go with the one-pager, or the complete multi-page business plan template, you’ll need to address the same basic things. 

What are you doing?

Explain the product or service you’ll deliver, and say why it’s good for customers. 

How much money will you make?

Figure out the costs to start the business, and the costs of running it. Then work out how much cash it will generate.

Where will the money come from?

Show how much it will cost to start and run the business in those early days. Will you pay for it yourself? Apply for loans? Or seek investors?

Who will buy from you?

Paint a picture of your model customer – the person or business that’s been waiting for you to come along.

When will everything happen?

List all the big things that need to happen before you can launch, and say when you plan to achieve them. These milestone events will help keep you on track. 

Guides for getting your plan together

Your guide to starting a business

A bunch of tips on where to begin, processes to follow, and things to think about.

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Your guide to financing your business

An intro to the different types of finance and how to get them.

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Your guide to inventory

Learn the basics of managing and valuing inventory.

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Help from the pros

Once you’re done playing with the numbers, it’s a good idea to check with a bookkeeper or accountant. They understand money and they’ve seen inside thousands of businesses. And most of them are happy to meet with people who have new ideas. 

You can search for experts like these in our advisor directory.