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Track cash flow

Quickly get an idea of your short-term cash flow.

Everything in one place

Get an overview of your business in one place.

Check financial health

See how you’re tracking through a dashboard.

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Get more with customisation and predictions.

Track cash flow

Get help with clarity on your cash position.

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    Project your bank balance
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    See the impact of invoices and bills
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    Know which invoices are the most urgent
Short-term cash flow
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Everything in one place

It’s easy to view your financial health.

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    Up-to-date information on your dashboard
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    See the same information as your advisor
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    Get an overview of your financial performance
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Check financial health

Get a quick business snapshot.

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    Track metrics like income and expenses at a glance
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    Identify and compare trends for different timeframes
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    Run reports to get insights
Business snapshot
Dashboard showing financial health

Upgrade to Analytics Plus

For more informed decisions, upgrade to Analytics Plus.

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    Get help making cash flow decisions using AI-powered predictions
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    See and plan up to 90 days in the future
  • Included
    Manage future events with basic scenario planning
  • Included
    Gain access to deeper insights and customisation
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VAT display in Short Term Cash Flow

Automatically view the impact of your businesses VAT requirements, sourced directly from HMRC, to see how this affects your cash position.

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More about Xero Analytics and Analytics Plus

This analytics tool is available in two versions – Analytics and Analytics Plus. The Analytics version is included in your Xero subscription, and shows how upcoming bills and invoices could affect your future bank balance. Simply choose any bank account and switch between a 7- or 30-day view. With Analytics Plus, you’ll have access to technology that helps predict your future cash flow and get customised insights that provide better clarity about what lies ahead. This includes viewing extended 60- and 90-day forecasts, predicting future recurring cash transactions, forecasting recurring payments of bills and invoices (powered by AI), and doing basic scenario planning by adding or removing future events.

See how to track your cash flow

Cash predictions are only available in Analytics Plus and apply to cash transactions. Analytics Plus analyses past reconciled spend and receive money transactions, as well as payments made to invoices and bills looking for patterns and averages. The predictions are powered by artificial intelligence. Predictions are more likely to be helpful if the data in your Xero account is complete and accurate. Once you have access, you can find out more about how the prediction was made – simply click on a prediction to see the transactions that contributed to it. (Note: Predictions are based on cash transactions created in the past and on past payments made to invoices and bills. Bear in mind that predictions are just that: predictions. The tool may not capture all the factors that affect your cash flow and is for informational purposes only. Reach out to your accountant or bookkeeper if you have any questions about your business cash flow.)

See how to make cash predictions

View your income, expenses, average time to get paid and when to pay suppliers, balance sheet, and cash balance all in one simple dashboard. With Analytics Plus, you can customise your dashboard to fit business needs. This includes additional features that help you find deeper insights, including options to customise the account codes selected and to drill into underlying reports and transactions. Use flexible date ranges for more choice of time periods.

See how to track financial metrics

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We can see how the business is tracking

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