Using Xero for Making Tax Digital

Xero helps you follow and meet HMRC’s rules and requirements for Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT.

Done before the coffee gets cold.

A tablet showing that a return has been submitted to the tax office.

Making Tax Digital for VAT explained

MTD is an HMRC service that requires businesses to keep digital records and file VAT returns using compatible software.

A tablet showing that a return was submitted to the tax office.

Based on taxable turnover

Mandatory over £85k, optional under £85k until 2022.

MTD software needed

The software must connect with HMRC’s system.

Maintain digital records

Businesses must keep digital records of VAT data.

How Making Tax Digital works

Set up for MTD with Xero

Most Xero plans allow you to keep digital records and submit VAT online through HMRC’s MTD system.

  • Included
    Log in to HMRC and sign up for MTD
  • Included
    Connect Xero to HMRC once you get a confirmation email
  • Included
    Use the MTD VAT return instead of the standard VAT return

Use Xero for filing MTD VAT returns

Generate, review and submit VAT returns in Xero once you’ve signed up for MTD.

  • Included
    View VAT return due dates, details, notes and history
  • Included
    Check and make adjustments to returns before filing
  • Included
    Submit VAT returns to HMRC direct from Xero
An office worker submits a tax return

More about Making Tax Digital

Xero’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) software works for both VAT and non-MTD VAT returns. But once you sign up for MTD, you can only submit MTD VAT returns. You won't be able to return to the old VAT return to view or publish.

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If the domestic reverse VAT charge applies to you, you need to use the standard (not flat) rate MTD VAT return in Xero. Xero has specific tax rates set up for use on invoices and bills in order to report the right amounts on the VAT return.

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If you use spreadsheets for VAT, you can still connect to HMRC’s MTD system via Xero. Xero provides a tool that lets you upload VAT amounts, then send MTD VAT standard rate returns from Xero.

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Use Xero for MTD

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