Get sorted for end of fiscal year

Get your business books in order before the fiscal year ends and make tax time less taxing.

A screen shows a list of people to be paid as part of the end of financial year tidy-up.

End of fiscal year explained

Corporate tax deadlines are coming up. Get your finances in order so an accurate tax return can be prepared.

Ryan Simmons and Ed Hemming of artisanal bakery Volare prepare bread dough knowing their books are in order for EOFY.

When your income tax return is due

The due date for most businesses is April 18 unless you have an extension.

Complete your income tax return

Declare how much profit your business earned and any business expenses you can claim as a deduction.

Retain business records

Keep copies of your filed tax returns to help prepare future returns or file an amended return.

Find an accountant or bookkeeper

Working with your accountant or bookkeeper is easy with Xero. Find one to suit in the Xero advisor directory.

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A business owner works happily online with their accountant on preparing their accounts for EOFY.

EOFY for accountants and bookkeepers

It pays to be organized for the end of fiscal year. Use Xero HQ and Xero Practice Manager to boost efficiency.

Learn how to work smarter, not harder this tax season
Prepare your clients for end of fiscal year with Xero’s resources for accountants and bookkeepers.

More about EOFY and Xero

Keep on top of your books so they’re ready for the end of the fiscal year. Use our handy guide to help make tax preparation less stressful, more efficient, and much simpler.

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You don’t need to do a formal year-end close or roll up journal in Xero, but you can follow a simple process to check your accounts are up-to-date before the fiscal year ends.

See how to do a year end in Xero

You may need to file a 1099-NEC if you pay non-employees such as freelancers. Before 2020, this information was reported on the 1099-MISC. You may still need to file a 1099-MISC if you need to report miscellaneous income such as rent or royalties.

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Prepare for EOFY with Xero

Xero has all the features you need to manage the end of the fiscal year effortlessly.

Simple bank reconciliation

Keep track of your cash flow with daily bank reconciliation. Save time and stay current on your business.

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Up-to-date accounting reports

Track your finances with accurate accounting reports and collaborate with your advisor online in real time.

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Instant data capture

Automate tasks like entering bills and receipts. Take a photo of receipts or scan bills into Xero via Hubdoc.

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Use Xero to get EOFY sorted

Access all Xero features free for 30 days to help you conquer tax time.