Xero Go for your smallest clients

Free up lost time on manual data entry and work efficiently with your smallest clients

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Less time chasing clients

Easily access client data all in one place.

Support your smallest clients

Efficiently without the shoebox of receipts.

Resources that support you

Get the most out of Xero Go and understand which clients it’s suitable for.

See Xero Go in action

Spend less time chasing clients

Free up time lost on manual data entry and chasing clients for information.

Capture receipts with Quickscan

Receipts are captured digitally and information populates automatically, making tracking expenses simple.

Secure bank connections

Clients can connect their bank accounts for an accurate view of transactions that automatically update each business day.

Create and customise professional invoices

Clients can build on their brand by creating customised invoices with their choice of font, colours and logo.

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Efficient support for your smaller clients

Transition price-conscious clients from paper to digital with our free-to-use app.*

Easily access up-to-date client data

Get your clients to invite you and have their information ready to go.

Save time with accurate data

No more shoebox receipts with  Quickscan machine-learning technology capturing receipts digitally.

Reduce tax admin

Receive tax coded income and expenses data.

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Get the most out of Xero Go

Resources to help you identify which clients Xero Go is most suited to.

What accountants think of Xero Go

George Message from Price & Company describes Xero Go as “the slayer of the shoebox client” find out why

Everything you need to know

Learn more about what Xero Go is and how it can benefit your practice.

Xero Go webinar for your practice

Learn how Xero Go can help your sole traders manage their income and expenses.

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More about Xero Go

It’s free for your clients to download and use the app, with paid add-ons. The Xero Go partner plan is offered as a free trial until 31 March 2024, and will then be £4 per month per client subscription.

Your clients can invite you into Xero Go from their app. Once you’ve set up the partner plan, the data will sync to your Xero Go partner plan.

Learn how your clients can add you into Xero Go

You may have a lot of clients who are already on the standard Xero editions or partner editions, and Xero Go picks up that lower end of the market that you may have been struggling to push onto a digital way of accounting.

Georgi Rollings, Starfish Accounting

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