Pay and manage staff in less time

Get pay runs, timesheets and workplace pensions under control with payroll in Xero.

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Payroll doesn’t have to be a pain


Automate your calculations

Xero takes care of all the tricky pay and pensions calculations for you


Save time on timesheets

Staff can enter timesheets and request leave from our
Xero Me mobile app


File pay and pensions with ease

Process pay and do your HMRC and pensions filings in a few clicks

And your accounts are seamlessly updated, so you can save time on data entry

Smart features make payroll a breeze

It’s easy to pay employees and manage time with Payroll in Xero. From workplace pensions to statutory leave to timesheets and expense approvals, our beautiful accounting software has you covered.

Manage employee pay with ease

Do weekly, bi-weekly & monthly pay runs with automatic PAYE calculations and NI & tax deductions. Xero also creates and stores payslips.

Enrol employees into a pension automatically

Assess eligibility, then automatically enrol employees into a workplace pension. Calculate and deduct contributions during pay runs. Send information to Nest and The People's Pension in a couple of clicks, and create files for any other provider.

Simplify leave management and approval

Let employees create timesheets and submit leave requests in the Xero Me app. Xero syncs up holiday accruals with your pay run automatically.

Automate your statutory leave calculations

Easily manage statutory sick, maternity, paternity or adoption leave, and make the right adjustments to employee pay

Save time on timesheets

Let employees submit timesheets directly into Xero from their PC or mobile, and information seamlessly appears in pay runs for automated calculation and payment

Manage payroll on the move

Submit payslips, vacation, sick leave & timesheets from your mobile. Access payslips and approve leave requests from any device.

Create P45s and P60s in a few clicks

Xero lets you close employee records and create P45s. Process all of your P60s at once. And create P32m and P11 documents with ease.

Submit real-time reports to HMRC

Get real-time information (RTI) reporting to HMRC that allows you to submit up-to-date data with a click. View and track previous submissions.

Never print payslips again

Employees can access payslips from their mobile, tablet or computer so you never have to print payslips again.

Synchronise your accounts and payroll

Save time and reduce mistakes. Payroll information instantly updates in your accounts for seamless productivity and effortless accuracy.


Having our payroll and accounting in one system is priceless

Clemi Hardie

Founder of Noodle Live

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It's only £5 per month to use Payroll for up to five employees, then £1 per month per additional employee.
What you pay each month depends on the number of your employees using Payroll. 

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