Show your expertise with one or all Xero certifications

Xero certification shows businesses how well you know key areas of Xero.

Xero advisor certification

This is the core certification that gives you the foundation skills you need to serve clients as proficiently and effectively as possible. For bronze and above partners, being recognised as a Xero-certified advisor practice also includes the opportunity to earn champion status and grow your clients through a Xero advisor directory listing.

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Payroll certification

Payroll certification gives you a specialised understanding of using Xero payroll and how it integrates with the core accounting product. You’ll learn valuable tips to help you work efficiently, minimise errors, and overcome or prevent any issues. You’ll also be introduced to using the employee portal.

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Migration certification

The migration course has been created with practical tips in mind. You’ll gain confidence in preparing a plan of action for how to group and prioritise your existing clients and convert them to Xero efficiently. You and your staff will understand some of the common pitfalls encountered when setting up Xero and how to avoid them.

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Maintain your certification

Once you've achieved certification, it's really easy to keep it.  Just make sure you catch the product update webinar we offer each quarter.  Answer the 5 knowledge check questions in each and you're done.

Join the quarterly product updates or watch previous recordings:

Advisor Certification

Payroll Certification

Migration Certification

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Gain champion benefits

To get bronze champion status and earn extra benefits, your practice will need two certifications to be recognised as a champion. One of your certifications must be Xero advisor. At the end of each month your champion criteria is reviewed, this is when the change takes effect. 

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