Cash flow management for small businesses

Maintaining healthy cash flow is now more important than ever. Browse expert resources from Xero to improve your cash flow management.

Understanding cash flow for business

Learn the fundamentals of cash flow management for business with our expert guides and articles.

Guides to help you manage cash flow and business finances

Our expert guides explore how to maintain healthy cash flow and stay on top of your finances

Guides to help you manage late payments and invoicing

Managing invoicing and payments is crucial for healthy cash flow. Here’s why.

Strategies to manage late payments

Learn why staying on top of late payments is so important for small business cash flow.

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How to invoice

Late payments can have a huge impact on cash flow and financial health.

Here’s how to stay on top of invoicing

How to build a watertight accounts receivable

Learn why having a watertight accounts receivable process is crucial for maintaining healthy cash flow.

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Discover Xero’s cash flow calculator and supporting guides

Xero’s cash flow calculator and guides on cash flow calculations will help you better understand your financial health.

Money Matters report

Our 2023 Money Matters report shows that most UK small businesses struggle with maintaining a healthy cash flow. See how Xero can help you better manage your cash flow.

Read the Money Matters report
UK Money Matters report

Using Xero for invoicing, bills and cash flow

Our video content explores how to use Xero to get your invoices paid faster, keep track of bills and stay on top of cash flow.

Get your invoices paid faster

Xero has a number of invoicing features to help you get paid faster. Discover our top five in this video.

How to get paid faster

Track your bills and pay them on time

Learn about Xero features that will help you track your bills and pay them on time to avoid late payment fees.

Tracking and paying bills

Webinar: Improve your cash flow

Learn how to improve your business’ financial performance and gain better financial control with Xero.

Stay on top of cash flow with Xero

A closer look at fostering healthy cash flow

Learn how to master cash flow management and build a healthy business with Xero.

  • Manage your cash flow in Xero

    Xero has a number of features that will help you track and manage your cash flow. Here are our top four.

    Stay on top of cash flow with Xero
  • Get a free cash flow forecast template

    We provide you with a free cash flow forecast template, along with explaining how to make sense of a cash flow forecast.

    Free cash flow forecast template
  • Get a free cash flow statement template

    Take a look at our free cash flow statement template, along with an example of how to use it and how to pull data from your business.

    Free cash flow statement template

Predict the future with Xero Analytics Plus

Analytics Plus allows businesses to measure their cash flow and financial health, helping you spot opportunities and mitigate risks.

Discover Xero Analytics Plus
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Xero’s made a big difference in helping keep my finances organised.

Ade Hassan, founder of Nubian Skin

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Managing the stresses of cash flow

Prioritise your wellbeing with free resources on our ‘Brains Behind the Business’ hub, because a healthy business starts with you.

Explore our business wellbeing resources
stresses of cash flow

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