10 top tips on football fan engagement

Learn the best tips for engaging fans in your football club, from getting to know your fans, to partnering with local organisations.

Football illustration

10 top tips on fan engagement

  1. Figure out your purpose

    Learn how you can use your club’s purpose to guide engagement activities that speak to your fans.

  2. Know your community inside and out

    Discover the platforms and approaches you can use to learn more about your fans.

  3. Listen to the people on the ground

    Learn how having a leadership team present on match day opens up new opportunities for engagement.

  4. Don’t be afraid to go out there and bring fans in

    Discover how you can help new audiences find their place in football.

  5. Try as many things as you can

    We look at examples of engagement initiatives at Lewes FC and where you can find inspiration.

  6. Start young

    We explore how you can work with the next generation of football fans.

  7. Be a fan

    Learn why getting involved with the beautiful game outside of your own club is essential.

  8. Take a stand

    Discover how football clubs can stimulate social change and provide a platform for underrepresented groups.

  9. Don’t save it all for match day

    Learn the tips and tricks for keeping fans engaged once the match ends.

  10. Measure, reflect, adjust

    We highlight the value of quantitative and qualitative data for measuring the impact of your engagement initiatives.

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