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The road to business recovery

Recovery is now front of mind and that’s why we’re here – together with accountants – to help businesses rebuild. Learn new skills, be inspired by our community and discover world-class resources right here.

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Last updated: Friday, 31 July

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Business recovery

Discover the latest resources and developments to help you rebuild.

Considerations when returning to work

As more people are returning to work, it’s important to consider how you can make this transition smooth and safe.

Read our guidance to help you determine the right way to open your working space.

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Selling online? Here’s why you need an accountant

Going online is a great opportunity for you to expand your business offering and grow your customer base. 

Accountants can offer expert advice to help you get your financial house in order before you start out. 

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How to prepare a cash flow forecast

Financial planning has become a regular exercise for the majority of businesses and their accountants.

Learn how to prepare a cash flow forecast with accuracy using Xero and four key cash flow apps.

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Webinars and courses

Join our webinars to stay up to date. Upskill with our educational courses.

Webinar: Accessing finance for business recovery

Earlier this year, a number of government-backed loans were introduced to help businesses through the uncertainty brought about by Covid-19. 

Whilst there has been huge uptake of these loans, some businesses have struggled to access these schemes to date.

To address this, new lenders have now been authorised – including high-street banks, challenger banks and regional and specialist lenders – opening up new options to those who might have been declined before. 

Join us for this 45-min live webinar to hear from a host lending-experts who will discuss the new options available for businesses that have been unserved by the government loan schemes so far. 

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Webinar: Accounting for your business

Getting the numbers right from the get-go means you can make more informed business decisions.  

In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of business accounting including setting up, converting, invoicing, cash flow and more. 

You’ll also pick up tips and tricks on how to use Xero to set your business up for accounting success.

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Webinar – Xero Hour: Improving workplace culture with DiSC

Improve workplace culture with DiSC – a tool used to better understand the behaviour of yourself and those around you.

Join us in this session where we’ll discuss the benefits of using DiSC in your teams and explain the different profile outcomes.

As usual, you’ll also have a chance to join our virtual breakout rooms where you can discuss and share your experiences and challenges with your peers.

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Online course: Digital marketing for your business

Today, digital channels are vital for acquiring and retaining customers. So where do you start if you want to develop a digital marketing strategy for your business? 

Our new digital marketing course is designed to help you understand the fundamentals, so you can increase your online presence and extend your customer reach.

Choose from four courses and learn at your own pace.

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Online course: Moving your business online

Businesses with an online presence and their data stored securely in the cloud are more competitive, resilient and agile.

This course will help you switch to cloud technology covering key areas such as ecommerce, marketing, hiring, onboarding and engaging with staff in a virtual environment.

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Online course: Mastering your cash flow

To help you get on top of your business cash flow, dive into our cash flow programme that brings together support content, education and practical guides into one seamless learning journey.

You’ll also pick up handy tips on how to automate and manage cash flow in Xero.

You can learn at your own pace, from any place.

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