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Business owners and Xero-certified advisors share their stories about why they’re passionate about what they do and how Xero helped them along the way.



Sutro Li bookkeeping

For Burton Li, the move from guitarist to bookkeeper was actually quite harmonic.

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"I love owning my own firm. There’s a work-life balance, the work travels well and I’m a valued member of our client's organizational strategy."

Studio BANAA Architects

Nastaran Mousavi grew her firm through love for design and a partnership with a bookkeeper.

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Horsetooth Hot Sauce

John Comeau owes his hot sauce company’s launch to his mother.

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"The fact that I can add my accountant in as a Xero user is fantastic. 
I don't have to bring him anything, and if he has any questions he can just shoot me a call."

Olive and Poppy

Learn how a love for wine country turned into a successful business.

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"Xero removes your headache of dealing with paperwork and it will help you focus on your business."

Nury Saenz

Nury couples her love for the beach with running multiple H&R Block franchises.

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