Marc from Cloudmeb is a true champion of cloud accounting

CEO and founder of a modern accounting firm, Marc-Eric Blanchette saw a gap in the market and Xero as the answer.

Marc-Eric Blanchette, CEO and founder of Cloudmeb, sits at his office smiling.

Marc-Eric Blanchette is the founder and CEO of Cloudmeb. As a firm that offers accounting solutions, Marc saw the need for cloud technology in the accounting industry.

“The accounting industry was not delivering the services I was looking for as a modern day entrepreneur. When I originally started Cloudmeb, it was designed as a test, a proof of concept which I had applied to friends and family. Today, obviously, Cloudmeb has grown into something a little bit bigger.”

Marc sits across a coffee table from a colleague who is working on his computer.

Marc’s journey to Xero

As Marc set out to find the perfect cloud technology for his clients, his brother in Australia introduced him to Xero. Marc saw the success Xero had there and felt there was an opportunity to leverage the product in the Canadian market.

“When I first created this business, I needed one software at the center of everything, let's call it the hub, the nexus of what really drives all the configuration. And for me that was Xero. We chose Xero because it was cloud born software.”

By focusing on simple bookkeeping work, Marc has been able to scale his business. Now Marc has over 500 clients in numerous countries. He has built great relationships with his bookkeepers and a business that supports them.

We chose Xero as the heart of our applications, because it allowed developers to create apps and solutions that address the business owner's problems.

Marc-Eric Blanchette — Cloudmeb

Marc laughs with a colleague while working on a computer, as they sit in armchairs in an office.

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Why Marc and Cloudmeb chose Xero

According to Marc, “The current accounting technologies and services that were being delivered to small businesses at the time, were very outdated by usually two, three months.” He found that the cycle and turnaround time of paperwork is what caused that delay. “I felt that firms were not leveraging technology as they should.”

Marc believes that Xero is the leader in the cloud space. “The way that they speak to business owners is different. I feel it’s a lot less corporate. I feel that their marketing strategy is a lot more conducive to small business owners. But the real reason why we chose Xero, and why we're 100% Xero, is that Xero is the best product out there.”

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