Mark Windsor, Full Windsor

Build a business with love and watch the love build


Ride on

Mark Windsor put his entrepreneurial spirit to the test when he founded Full Windsor. His business specializes in sustainable outdoor gear, for people who love to play outside.

Mark was working in industrial design when he had an idea for specialty bike tools. He decided it was time to act. Before he knew it, his hand crafted gear had turned into a full blown business, Full Windsor. He likes to roll with the punches that come with running a business, and so far, it’s been quite the ride.

Claire’s hands working on a financial screen in her computer.

One love

A big driving force for Full Windsor is sustainability, which is why every product is designed to last at least a lifetime. Mark thinks about sustainability from the get go, making sure he sources materials with little impact on the planet. He also looks at how they can be disposed of and recycled after their life cycle.

With so much thought put into innovation and design, he crafted a business model that works for him. He’s structured the business so it can function as a one-man band, outsourcing any jobs that aren’t a good use of his time.

Claire’s hands working on a financial screen in her computer.

Go with the flow

Mark’s from New Zealand, which is where Xero was founded. News of Xero’s beautiful software had made its way to him and its friendly interface still provides a little taste of home. His favorite feature is sending invoices, because it’s so simple. With Xero’s built in credit card facilities, it’s quick and easy for small businesses like his to make a payment. He’s such a fan of Xero that he even got his bookkeeper Helen on board.

I saw what a mess Helen was in with her spreadsheets and converted her over. The biggest difference Xero makes to my business is it helps me keep on top of the cash flow. And cash flow is the crux of running a small business. It’s a do-or-die. It keeps you from going under.

Mark Windsor, Full Windsor

Eric Stevens

Full circle

Mark found ways to make the many moving parts in his business work for him. Aside from outsourcing jobs, he’s also integrated Shopify and other apps to Xero. Now, when someone places an order, sending an invoice is automatic. His path to learning has become somewhat of a chain reaction.

My background is in industrial design but now with Full Windsor, I’ve jumped through many different hoops. You learn more as you go.

Mark Windsor, Full Windsor

Mark’s gone from dreaming up his ideal business, to actually building it. And even though there’s been some bends in the road, that’s part of the fun.

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