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It’s a small world, especially in business


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A love letter to small business

Lil Roberts is CEO and founder of Xendoo, an online bookkeeping and accounting firm, giving small business owners their time back. She was the first of a family of five to graduate high school and by twenty seven, had her first full business. Lil's passion is driven by wanting to help people, so creating Xendoo was a natural fit. It's her love letter to small business owners. With technology five times faster than a traditional bookkeeper, it does the dirty work, so business owners don't have to do.

Lil Roberts

Living in the cloud

Lil loves the mentality of business owners. Just like her, they believe anything is possible. She's also experienced firsthand how demanding running a business is. So with Xendoo, she wanted to make the time guzzling tasks easier. That way, business owners can focus on what they want to do — sharing what they love. Living in a digital world makes this easier, and as everything around us is digital, Lil thinks accounting should be too.

You must be cloud based - so cloud accounting should be a critical part of your tech stack. For partners out there thinking about making the switch, it’ll make your life so much easier - and your client’s life too.”

Lil Roberts, Xendoo

Not all heroes wear capes

Lil was on a mission to change accounting and wanted to find a partner that shares her vision. When searching for the perfect account software nothing seem to click. But then she came across Xero, who also wanted to make life easier for small business owners. It was easy to use, integrated with over 1,000 apps, and like Xendoo, saw small business owners as heroes.

Lil Roberts

Small business owners are heroes. They’re the backbone of America and the world. We’ve partnered with Xero because we’re aligned in our mission - we love small business owners and it shows.”

Lil Roberts, Xendoo

Circle of trust: Xendoo & Wild Coffee Marketing

As a serial entrepreneur, Lil loves to build teams and take care of her customers, like Amy Anderson and Salomon Wancier of Wild Coffee Marketing. Clients across the country outsource their marketing to Wild Coffee. After putting their trust in Lil, Amy and Salomon were one of of Xendoo's first customers and it was also after her recommendation that they started using Xero. Both Xendoo and Xero have helped them strategize, forecast and connect with their stakeholders easily. So much so, that they now point clients in the same direction.

Lil Roberts

When you're self made, putting trust in others can make the world of difference. And like any other relationship, what's a business without trust?

Xendoo helps us run our small company like a big one and Xero helps with our accounting, organization and growth. It’s grown with us. We have people in eight states, clients across the country and everybody’s using Xero.”

Amy Anderson and Salomon Wancier, Wild Coffee Marketing

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