Accounting is better with Xero

Accountants and bookkeepers can partner with Xero for more efficient workflows and collaboration. Everything’s better when we work together.

Streamlined workflows

Automate admin tasks to increase efficiency.

Centralized working

See the big picture faster with all your tools in one place.

Better collaboration

With dedicated support, it’s easier to work together.

Free software and more

Join the partner program for benefits.

Streamlined workflows

Xero software can automate your admin and compliance tasks so you get more time for what matters.

Manage compliance workflows

Manage workpaper workflows and queries. Request and store papers.

Plans for small clients

Use simpler versions of Xero for small businesses and clients whose needs are more limited.

Simplify your tax season

Streamline workflows with Xero's direct integration with TaxCycle. Simplify tax preparation, filing and compliance.

Streamlined workflows

Centralized working

We put all your tools and data in one place. Together we'll help you guide clients to better business decisions.

Manage clients, staff and queries

Understand your clients and work faster using Xero HQ in your practice.

Manage your practice efficiently

Manage practice workflow, jobs, tasks, timesheets and invoicing.

Centralized working

Better collaboration

We collaborate with you so you and your team get the most out of Xero.

All-in-one accounting software

Xero is accounting software for your business clients. And it’s free to run your own practice on Xero.

Better collaboration

Free software, training and support

As a Xero partner, you’ll have access to all the tools you need to grow your practice.

Better support

Get access to free Xero software

All partners get access to Xero and Xero HQ, plus more over time.

Work with a Xero specialist

Get one-on-one support to get set up and grow your practice.

Attract new clients

Advertise to clients looking for local accountants and bookkeepers.

Earn discounts

Get discounts on client subscriptions, and choose whether to pass them on.

Join the partner program

Become a partner and access special pricing, products, benefits and more.