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Making invoicing easier so you can get back to business

Getting paid is crucial to keeping your business up and running. So you want to make the invoicing process as quick and painless as possible, right? Create professional invoices in no time with our customizable template. Just add your business name and the details you need and you’re ready to go. And to make things even easier, you’ll receive two templates – one for businesses who are tax registered and one for those who aren’t, just pick the one that’s right for you.

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Create smarter invoices

Invoices have come a long way since they arrived in the letterbox. You can send them instantly from your phone, add more payment options, track when a customer has paid and remind them when they haven’t. Take a look at our invoicing software and see what it can do for your business.

Invoicing with Xero

Sign up to Xero and get more from your invoices

  • Create and send invoices from your mobile

    Send your invoices on the go. No need to wait until you’re back in the office, no need to print and mail.

  • See when customers have opened your invoice

    Check when your customers have received and opened an invoice – no more ‘I didn’t get your invoice’ excuses.

  • Get paid faster online

    Add a Pay now button to your invoices to let your customers pay immediately with debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

  • Automatic invoice reminders

    No more chasing late payers – set up payment reminders that automatically send just before or after an invoice is due.

  • Set up bulk and repeating invoices

    Invoice the same customers often? Don’t waste time with manual data entry – set up repeating invoices or bulk invoices to save time.

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Tips and tricks for successful invoices

We analyzed millions of invoices and talked with our small business customers to find out the most successful ways to invoice.

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How to nail invoice management

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