Accounting software to manage every size landlord

Our Xero for landlords package helps you manage your landlord clients efficiently and keep them all on the same system.

An accountant helps a landlord manage their property more efficiently using Xero.

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Xero’s Director of Verticals, Jordan Cooper, walks through the ‘Xero for landlords’ resources.

Standardized workflows

Save time with standarized workflows and a bespoke chart of accounts.

Auto-coding and fast reconciliation

Automate coding and transaction reconciliation so you can be confident in the numbers and in control of your portfolio.

Dedicated report templates

Access reports that can be broken down by property to help show the return on investment across your property portfolio.

Payment integrations

Connect to online payment services like Stripe and GoCardless to help streamline rent collections.

Watch the Xero for Landlords webinar
A Xero partner watches the webinar about Xero for landlords resources on their mobile phone.

Brochure for property clients

Find out how Xero makes it easier for both landlords and property managers to stay on top of their property finances.

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The cover of Xero’s digital brochure ‘Property done properly’ showing a property manager checking Xero on their mobile phone.

Xero for landlords resources

The pack includes standardized workflows, reports, a template chart of accounts, and a playbook on managing clients and integrating apps.

The Xero for landlords resource pack including a property chart of accounts and playbook.

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Plans to suit your business

All pricing plans cover the accounting essentials, with room to grow.

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