Full contact history in one place

Look up a customer or supplier to see a full history of sales, emails, invoices and payments as well as contact details.

Contacts and smartlists

See transaction history

Get a complete picture of a contact’s history.

Create lists and groups

Generate lists and groups from saved searches.

Connect your email

See all your email correspondence in Xero.

See transaction history

Get a complete picture of contact activity and history.

  • View contact information and financial settings
  • View account balances including foreign currency amounts
  • See a history of invoices, payments, bills, notes and emails
A full list of a customer’s activity includes invoices paid, overdue, and awaiting payment.

Create lists and groups

Set up repeatable searches, and organise your contacts into custom groups, to suit your organisation’s needs.

  • List sales transactions using Xero’s predefined searches
  • Create your own smart lists from saved searches
  • Use contact groups to filter reports and create multiple invoices
Emails to and from a customer display in the contacts screen on a mobile phone.

Connect your email

See all the email correspondence with your customers and suppliers in Xero.

  • Connect your Gmail or Office 365 account
  • Share selected emails with staff or keep them private
A new customer list is being created by selecting conditions from a drop-down list.

More about smartlists and contacts

Generate a smart list and export the details to bulk email contacts or to create a marketing campaign.

More about working with smartlists

Import multiple contacts into Xero ready for use in invoices, orders and bills. Use the CSV template file provided by Xero to label and format the details for importing. Optionally, include financial settings such as payment terms, discount and default account to use for sales or purchases in the import.

More about importing contacts into Xero

Search for a customer or supplier from any screen in Xero to see their activity, payment history, notes and emails as well as their contact details. Just click the search icon and type in the first few characters of the contact’s name, email address or account number. And find contacts when creating a transaction like an invoice or bill.

More about searching for contacts and transactions

Respond to verified requests from contacts asking you to provide the personal data you hold on them, or to update or erase that data. Data that needs to be kept for legal reasons is put into a deep archive state where transactions are visible but the contact can’t be found.

More about managing a contact’s person data

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I’ve got all my figures and my accounts at my fingertips. It’s brilliant.

Dan uses Xero to run his business

Dan from the Old Hall Inn uses Xero to run his business