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Here you'll find all the legal information for our products, services and websites.

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Terms of use

This is our contract with you – our commitment as a service provider and your obligations as a customer.

Privacy notice

Learn how Xero treats personal data across the websites we operate and services we provide. Find out more about our privacy notice

Here you’ll find information covering our use of cookies and tracking technologies.

Yodlee terms of use

These are the terms governing your use of the Yodlee data gathering service from within Xero.

Partner agreement

These are the terms that apply to accountants and bookkeepers that become Xero partners.

Developer terms of use

These are the terms that apply to developers that access the Xero Developer Platform.

Account information services

These are the terms that apply when Xero provides account information services to customers in the UK.

Data processing terms

These are our GDPR data processing terms.

CCPA personnel and candidate terms

These are additional privacy terms that apply for personnel (and job candidates) resident in California.

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