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Billable hours are the lifeblood of a successful law practice. Problem is, you still have to bill those hours. Even if your law firm has an accountant, tracking hours, clients, rates, preparing invoices - and collecting on those invoices - is time you never get paid for. And writing notes to yourself in court or on the road is inefficient and error-prone.

How Xero can
help your business

Xero's easy-to-use online accounting solution ends the legal paper chase. With Xero, you and your accountant can access critical client billing data any time, anywhere - from the office, from home, or on the go to keep your practice up-to-date. Plus Xero gives you a single place to go to see the health of your business.

When you spend less time tracking hours and billing, you get to spend more time with your clients. And Xero enables you and your accountant to quickly resolve tedious financial issues so you can grow your practice.

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DeCLERCQ Law Group uses Xero
to manage their finances

When Billy DeCLERCQ started his own law firm, it reinvigorated his whole idea
of what it means to practice law.

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Xero allowed Billy DeCLERCQ to have total control of his finances with a minimum time investment.

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billy DeCLERCQ thumb

"Working with my accountant and tools like Xero have allowed me to act like the CFO of my own law firm even though I have none of the training of the CFO"

Billy DeCLERCQ, Owner

Popular features that will change your life

Accounting software with all the time-saving tools you need to grow your business.

Xero is always secure and reliable and our experts are here to support you 24/7.

  • Trust Accounting

    Save time reconciling Trust Accounts with software that easily integrates.

  • Payments

    Enjoy batch payments and the speed of snapping photos of receipts for expensing.

  • Invoicing

    Create customized recurring invoices - and know when they're opened.

  • Expense claims

    It's simple and quick to manage personal expenses. Create claims at work, home or on the go.

  • Cashflow

    Get a real-time view of your business financials with our convenient dashboard.

  • Bank reconciliation

    Connect Xero to your bank account and get your bank statements imported and categorized automatically.

We play nicely with others

Xero integrates with ​over 400+ ​a​​dd-on business applications​, including advanced solutions for inventory, invoicing, time tracking and ecommerce. And​​ Xero Advisors are available in your area of specialty to help you grow, scale and get even more from Xero.

  • Add-on solutions

  • Process online payments and link directly to Xero seamlessly.

  • Track sales and inventory history and view shipments instantly.

  • Track sales and inventory history and view shipments instantly.

  • Featured Advisors

  • Xero Platinum Partner

  • Xero Gold Partner

  • Xero Gold Partner

Xero doesn’t guarantee the service of any one Add-on or Advisor, so make sure you check them out yourself.

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