Xero in. QuickBooks out.

When you switch to Xero, another day in the office takes on a whole new meaning. That’s because you can run your business wherever you like. So go ahead, get your head in the cloud and Xero in.

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It’s easy to bring your QuickBooks data to Xero. Simply upload your files directly into Xero and they’ll be converted within three hours. Yes, it really is that easy.

Why do small businesses choose Xero over QuickBooks Desktop?

Here are the top five reasons:

  • 1. Get free automatic updates – no forced migrations.

  • 2. Enjoy intuitive online software that’s built for small business.

  • 3. Add unlimited users for free on any plan.

  • 4. Customize your Xero experience with over 500 add-ons.

  • 5. Get the support from our US-based teams.

The ease, power and security for your business

Easy to start and use

Xero makes it easy with an intuitive interface, free QuickBooks conversion, 24/7 support and online educational resources. 

The power of the cloud

You, your staff and accountant can work on your books in real-time in Xero – and you'll never have to update software or email files. 

Secure anytime access

It's comforting to work anytime, anywhere with multi-layered security to protect your business and financial data.

Side-by-side, it's simple

Xero (Standard Plan)

  • Affordable, all-in-one pricing for Xero features: free automatic bank feeds, back-up, multi-layered security, and product and feature updates

  • Automatic access to 500+ cloud-based apps, including CRM, point-of-sale, time tracking, ecommerce and more

  • Free, real-time collaboration inside of Xero: no disconnect between users and their accountants because Xero automatically updates all documentation

  • Free, unlimited users with unlimited support: no need to download, print or email files to share with staff or bookkeeper

QuickBooks Desktop (Pro 2016)

  • Abandoned support and updates for QuickBooks Desktop 2013: users must pay extra fees for bank transactions, back-up, and product and feature updates

  • No access to cloud-based apps

  • Multiple steps required to collaborate

  • Abandoned support after 3 years: may require users to download, print or email files to share with staff or bookkeeper

Fully featured to power your business

Data flow not data entry

Connect Xero and your bank to keep banking and credit card transactions current and reconciled: seamlessly and automagically.

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Online invoicing

Get paid fast: create professional recurring invoices and receive updates when they’re opened.

Speed up your cashflow


Run your business on the road – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

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Dashboard and reporting

View and measure your business performance across key business metrics.

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Customize your Xero experience with over 500 best-in-class tools.

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