Convert your QuickBooks files to Xero

Use a free QuickBooks conversion tool when you sign up for Xero.

A small business owner signs up for Xero and prepares their Quickbooks file for conversion.

Let Xero manage your QuickBooks file conversion for free

Convert your Quickbooks file when you sign up for Xero and you’ll be able to access your current and prior fiscal year transactions, conduct comparisons, produce reports and enjoy all things Xero for your business.

How to use the free QuickBooks conversion tool

Starting with clean data will help save time and make your conversion a success. Follow the steps to get started.

1. Prepare your QuickBooks file

Your file must be a US edition of QuickBooks 2007 or later, single currency and no larger than 1GB.

Read our support article for a complete guide to prepping your files for conversion.

2. Sign up for Xero and upload QuickBooks file

Subscribe to Xero now or try Xero for free. You will be prompted to upload your QuickBooks files to the conversion tool when you sign up for Xero.

3. Subscribe to Xero

Once your conversion is complete, subscribe to Xero to access your converted data.

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