Resources to help manage your football club

Explore our guides covering how football clubs can improve their business admin and become more financially sustainable.

A complete guide to setting up a football team

Explore everything you need to know about starting a football team, from establishing your values to securing sponsorships.

How to set up a football team

Using Xero to manage your football club

Xero accounting software is the perfect solution for managing your football club’s accounts and finances.

Discover Xero features

Our video series highlights the key features that’ll make managing your business and your finances a dream.

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Webinar: The basics of using Xero

Learn the basics of using Xero, such as how to automate invoices and bills and get up to date reporting.

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Achieve more with our app integrations

Xero integrates with a 1000+ business management apps that can help with running your football club.

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A complete guide to using Xero for your club

Our article covers everything you need to know about using Xero as a growing football club, from managing payroll to chasing invoices.

How to use Xero as a growing football club
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How Lewes FC is building a financially sustainable club

With the help of Xero accounting software, Lewes is cultivating a football club with financial sustainability that works for everyone. Here’s the story so far.

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Improving equality in the workplace

We explore some of the ways you can help improve gender equality in the workplace.

How to improve equality in the workplace
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Grants and funding for football clubs

Guides to help manage your club’s finances

Managing your club’s payroll

Here’s an introduction to the basics of pay, deductions, and reporting to HMRC.

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Managing your club’s finances and cash flow

Our guide covers the basics of how to master financial management for your club.

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Creating a small business budget

Here’s everything you need to know about making a small business budget for your club.

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Visit our cash flow support hub

Maintaining healthy cash flow is now more important than ever. Browse expert resources from Xero to improve your club’s cash flow management

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Free business management templates

Download cash flow forecast, balance sheet and business continuity plan templates to help you manage your football club’s finances

Free business management templates
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Xero’s partnership with The FA and England Football

Improving the health of football clubs, from grassroots up, is vital for growing the women's game and keeping the Lionesses roaring.

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