Start the year off right with new tools in Xero

Take advantage of the latest enhancements in Xero to streamline everyday tasks, gain control, and unlock growth for your business.

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Streamline operations

Automate everyday admin to spend less time on manual tasks and calculations, freeing up time to focus on growing your business.

  • Take control of inventory with Xero Inventory Plus

    Sync products, manage inventory, fulfill orders and get a real time view of your business in one place. Currently connecting with Shopify.

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  • Easily tackle sales tax, without the headache

    Enjoy automated sales tax calculations on invoices, powered by Avalara, plus detailed reports to make sales tax reporting easier.

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Get paid faster

Spend less time billing for your work and chasing payments, while increasing the likelihood of getting paid on time.

  • Get paid up to twice as fast with online invoice payments

    Set up online payments with your preferred payment provider. A 'Pay Now' button is added to invoices so customers can pay in a few clicks.

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  • Upgrade to Xero’s new version of invoicing

    Unlock powerful time-saving and customization tools to get professional-looking invoices out the door and money in the bank account faster.

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Reduce manual data entry

Stay organized with connected data. Connect your bank account or upload data quickly to view the transactions you need for tax time.

Manage payroll and contractors with ease

If you work with vendors or independent contractors, have employees, or are looking to grow a team, these enhancements are for you.

  • Work with contractors? Easily manage W-9s to make 1099 reporting easier

    Stay on top of W-9 collection throughout the year to achieve compliant 1099 reporting with more confidence and ease.

    Securely request and manage W-9s in Xero
  • Have employees? Enjoy a seamless payroll experience with Gusto

    Use Gusto payroll to calculate pay and deductions, pay employees, simplify compliance, and update the Xero accounts.

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Get even more out of Xero

Save time and improve your processes with our most-requested how-tos.

Pay bills

Track and pay bills on time. And get a clear overview of accounts payable and cash flow.

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Claim expenses

Manage spending and submit or reimburse expense claims with Xero’s expense management tools.

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Track projects

Quote, invoice and get paid for jobs. Plus keep track of costs and profitability.

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