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Xero is an accounting system that works beautifully on your Mac, iPhone and iPad.

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Who says business can't be fun?

When you work on a Mac you have high expectations. Like your Mac, accounting software has to “just work,” right away.

Most accounting systems are created for Windows and then ported over to Mac as an afterthought. Xero has been designed to work from any device, creating Mac accounting software that is both beautiful to look at and easy to use – making it a pleasure to do business.

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Xero's Mac accounting software features

  • Available anytime you're online, from any device

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited transactions

  • Control over who has access

  • Automatic backups for safety and security

  • No setup fees upgrade fees or contracts

  • Unlimited customer support

  • Automatic free upgrades

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Finding Xero was an "aha!" moment for us, after years of dealing with a system that felt so archaic — of another time and place to how we work.

Nathan Heleine

It is brilliant being able to access Xero from my Linux desktop or my MacBook Pro — and from work or home ­ or wherever I happen to be.

Rachel Andrew

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