Tools and templates for businesses

Handy tools for people who are in business, or planning to be. Just download a template for your business, fill it out, and away you go.

Small business templates

Bring your idea to life with this template for business starters.

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Fill it in, send it out, and watch the cash roll in.

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Make sure your employees know their pay and deductions.

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Figure out how much money you’re making.

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Figure out what you own (and what you owe).

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A template for businesses who want to survive disasters and shocks.

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Why use templates for business?

Some documents, like invoices and payslips, must be set out in a particular way by law. Others, like business plans, are formatted to follow conventions. We followed those rules and conventions to create these templates for businesses. However, you may have good reasons for doing things differently. In such cases, you can recreate these templates in a word doc or spreadsheet and edit them as you like.

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