Need a cash flow projection template? Or forecasting software?

See how much money you’ll have in the coming weeks and months with our free cash flow projection template. Or check out our powerful forecasting software if you need something more.

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Free cash flow projection template

Find out how much money you’ll have in the bank next week, next month, or even next year. Cash flow projections help you look into the future to make smarter spending decisions.

Build your cash flow projection

Enter upcoming costs and expected income into this free template. It will project how much money you’ll be left with. So you’ll know if things are going to be alright, or a little bit tight.

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Get up in your money’s business

Find out when money will be around, and when it won’t. And learn where it goes when it’s not with you. Xero online forecasting tools look at upcoming invoices and bills to predict your cash flow.

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See what’s coming

Learn when you’ll have some money to work with.

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Best actions

Find out which invoices you need to follow up.

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Follow from your phone

Track everything on-the-go.