Xero Podcasts

Covering the high points and challenges of life in a small business, our podcasts offer innovative ideas and surprising insights from people who know business inside out.

What Led You Here

8 Episodes

Hosted by Steve Vamos

In an increasingly complex and fast changing world, Steve Vamos, CEO of Xero talks to CEOs, founders and entrepreneurs about their path to success and how they have embraced change, made sacrifices, overcome fear and demonstrated true belief in their ideas. Guests on the show share their tips, experiences and learnings and how they instill their belief in others who are on the journey with them.

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Xero Developer Podcast

8 Episodes

Hosted by Nick Houldsworth & Dan Young

Love tech? Want a peek behind the scenes at some of the world’s top global software platforms? Join Nick Houldsworth and Dan Young from the Xero API team as they talk platforms with leaders from the SaaS industry to hear their insights on driving innovation through APIs, growing developer communities and creating a marketplace customers love. We’ll also be sharing some of our war stories and practical tips, as we embark on building an even greater ecosystem for Xero. Follow Xero Developers @xeroAPI and hosts Nick @nickhouldsworth and Dan @dethklok66 and tweet them your show questions.

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Xero Gravity podcast

98 Episodes

Hosted by Elizabeth Ü

Head in the Clouds, Feet on the Ground - it’s one thing to have a game-changing idea, but pulling it off can feel like trying to defy gravity. Xero Gravity shares the business+life stories from those who spin the world on their own axis: the highs, the lows, the big wins, and the massive fails from those who have lived to tell the tale. Follow host Elizabeth Ü at @smallbizwithliz and tweet her your show questions.

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Xero In (Australian podcast series)

34 Episodes

Hosted by Jeanne-Vida Douglas and Rob Stone

Over the Australian summer 2015–16 we headed down under to speak to a range of small business owners and industry experts. Don’t miss a minute of Jeanne-Vida Douglas and Rob Stone, as they chart a course to help you capitalise on your vision to lead a successful business. They’ll dig into topics including digital marketing tactics, brand loyalty, setting salaries and embracing innovation. Between practical insights, and interviews with brilliant business minds, this podcast is anything but ordinary. Follow the hosts @jvdouglas and @robstone20 on Twitter.

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The Rod and Gary show

6 Episodes

Hosted by Rod Drury & Gary Turner

Join Xero’s resident tech junkies, CEO Rod Drury and UK Managing Director Gary Turner for their monthly take on latest innovations in the world of Tech.

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