Making small business beautiful, together in Chicago

The local Chicago team is here to help bring your practice to the next level and change the way you work with your small business clients. Reach out to any of our team members below and they will be happy to discuss how Xero can help with your practice efficiencies and answer any questions you have.

Meet the Chicago team

Account Manager

It's my job to analyze and optimize practices with Xero. I'll be your main point of contact through your practice's journey as you grow on our platform.

Tiffany Garner

Senior Account Manager

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Partner Consultant

I work to ensure the success of our accounting partners through training, education, consulting and efficient use of our cloud based accounting software.

Kristen Ivy

Partner Consultant

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Xero Ambassador

I'm here to help current and potential partners along their journey to the cloud and expand the mindset of the profession.

Jay Kimelman

Jay Kimelman

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Get to know our Chicago partners

Over 100,000 accountants and bookkeeprs are using Xero. Our partner spotlight series profiles exceptional Xero partners and their journeys to cloud accounting.

Learn why partners love Xero

Martin Kamenski

Martin Kamenski

"I had been watching Xero since before it came to the US market and I was a very early adopter with my first practice that I sold back in 2013. So naturally, when I set out to start version 2.0 of my business, a Xero partnership was one of my first steps!"

- Martin Kamenski, owner of Revel CPA and Xero Partner 

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Michelle Reed

Joshua Lance

Meet Joshua, Xero Partner and owner of Lance CPA Group. He first experienced Xero was when he started his firm. He was "completely new to cloud accounting and still figuring out what [his] tech stack would be. The people at Xero [he] interacted with were super helpful in helping [him] learn the ropes of cloud accounting and even helping out with marketing training."

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