Making small business beautiful in Chicago

The Chicago team can help take your practice to the next level and change how you work with your clients.

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Meet the Chicago team

I'm here to kickstart your partner journey from product demos, to first client onboarding and test piloting the software.

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You may hear from me as your first contact with Xero. It's my job to answer any questions you may have at the beginning of your Xero journey and get you set up with the right team.

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I work to ensure the success of our accounting partners through training, education, consulting and efficient use of our cloud-based software.

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It’s my job to analyze and optimize practices with Xero. I'll be your main point of contact as your practice grows on the platform.

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Accountant/bookkeeper events in the US

Join in-person events and free online courses, webinars to learn and connect with the Xero community.

US accountant and bookkeeper events
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Our Chicago partners

Our partner spotlight series profiles exceptional Xero partners and their journeys to cloud accounting.

Read our partner spotlight interviews

Meet Martin Kamenski, CEO of Revel CPA who says, "I had been watching Xero since before it came to the US market and I was a very early adopter with my first practice. So naturally, when I set out to start version 2.0 of my business, a Xero partnership was one of my first steps!"

Spotlight on Martin Kamenski
Headshot of Revel CPA CEO, Martin Kamenski.

Meet Joshua, Xero partner and owner of Lance CPA Group. He first experienced Xero when he started his firm. He was new to cloud accounting and still figuring out what his tech stack would be. The people at Xero he dealt with “were super helpful”.

Headshot of Joshua Lance, owner of Lance CPA Group.

Partner up to make business beautiful

Learn how the Xero partner program supports you in running and growing your practice.

A partnership with great rewards

Find out about the benefits of the Xero partner program.

Explore the partner program

Run your practice your way

See how Xero tools like XPM can help with running an efficient practice.

Xero Practice Manager (XPM)

Easily convert client's data

Check out different ways to convert client data to Xero.

Xero conversion methods

Become a Xero partner

Join the Xero community of accountants and bookkeepers. Collaborate with your peers, support your clients and boost your practice.