Bringing better numbers to women’s soccer

Xero is helping soccer grow with better numbers on and off the field.

A line of women soccer players practice ball skills on the field.

Using Xero for your soccer club accounts and admin

Discounted subscriptions for soccer clubs

Xero provides a 25% discount on its accounting software subscription for soccer clubs.

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Guides and resource for clubs

Xero provides a range of free guides and other resources to help clubs run smoothly.

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How Xero partners can support clubs

See some of the ways Xero accountants and bookkeepers can help their local soccer club.

If you're already working with a club

Make it known and show your support for the club via newsletters, social media and local papers. And share Xero guides with the club.

See guides and resources for clubs

If you're looking to work with a club

Find out how your practice can support women's soccer and your local soccer club and why that's good for you and for them.

Helping clubs with better numbers
An soccer player practice ball skills while the club’s bookkeeper keeps tabs on the club’s finances on their phone

Women's soccer partnerships

Xero's partnership with FIFA Women's soccer

Xero and FIFA Women's soccer are working together to support the growth of the game.

About Xero + FIFA Women’s soccer

Xero’s partnership with Lewes FC

Xero partners with Lewes FC, the first gender-equal and 100% fan-owned soccer club in the world.

About Xero + Lewes FC
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