Chapter 3

How to sign up to MTD for VAT

Find out how to sign up for MTD for VAT and the information you need to have to hand when registering.

Illustration of person using tablet to submit VAT return

Requirements for signing up to MTD for VAT

All VAT registered businesses, including sole traders, limited companies, partnerships, landlords and LLPs, irrespective of their levels of turnover, must have signed up for MTD for VAT from April 2022, unless they have been granted an exemption. If you are already VAT registered, you can sign up to MTD for VAT by visiting the registration page and entering the following information:

  • Your Government Gateway ID and password
  • Your VAT number
  • The date your business became VAT registered
  • The postcode of your principal place of business
  • The month your most recent VAT return was submitted
  • The amount paid/received from your last VAT return (Box 5 on your VAT return)
  • National insurance number (for sole traders)
  • Company registration number and Unique Taxpayer Reference (for limited companies)

After you’ve entered this information, HMRC will verify your business by sending an email from within three days. If you’ve made any errors you’ll be notified and must enter the information again.

If you are not yet VAT registered, you must first register for VAT through your Government Gateway account to receive your VAT registration number.

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