Making Tax Digital for small businesses

Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Making Tax Digital (MTD) for VAT as a small business owner.

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Understanding MTD for VAT

Our guide to MTD for VAT covers topics such as requirements, exemptions, penalties and picking the right MTD software for your business.

  1. Introduction to Making Tax Digital

    We explore what Making Tax Digital (MTD) is and what MTD for VAT, ITSA & Corporation Tax mean for business owners.

  2. A closer look at MTD for VAT requirements

    How to comply with MTD for VAT requirements, covering the software you must use, how to keep digital records, and more.

  3. How to sign up to MTD for VAT

    Find out how the sign up process for MTD for VAT has changed, and what you need to do to register.

  4. MTD for VAT: key dates for your business

    We provide a handy list of key dates to bear in mind to help you with MTD for VAT compliance.

  5. Making Tax Digital exemptions

    We take a look at MTD exemptions and explore whether your business could be exempted.

  6. Making Tax Digital penalties

    We explore HMRC’s new points-based system for late submissions and payments.

  7. Choosing the right MTD software for your business

    Choosing MTD-compliant and HMRC-recognised software is crucial. Here’s what to look for in a provider.

  8. A closer look at MTD bridging software

    We explore what MTD bridging software is and how to use it, including a look at ‘digital links’ and how they work.

  9. Using Xero’s MTD software

    Xero’s MTD software is HMRC-recognised and compliant with MTD for VAT. Learn how it can help you run a healthy business.

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