Get your supplier invoices flowing into Xero

Enterprise Connect automates the flow of supplier invoices into Xero, saving time, eliminating manual data entry and increasing accuracy.

A tradesperson uses the Xero app on their phone to approve an invoice that has arrived direct from the supplier into Xero.

Making everyday business beautiful

Enterprise Connect is a faster, simpler way to manage invoices flowing into your business.

Streamlined payments

Invoices flow automatically into Xero, saving the hassle of manual work, so you get the bills paid sooner..

Your data’s safe and sound

All data passing between suppliers and Xero is encrypted and protected by multiple layers of security.

Less room for error

Enterprise Connect eliminates manual data entry and errors, saving you time and rework.

1. Connect to Xero

Connect to your Xero account via the supplier customer portal.

A business owner uses their tablet to connect Xero with an Enterprise Connect supplier.

2. Select preferences

Select your preferences, including default account codes.

A hot air balloon lifts a pile of invoices and floats them away.

3. Approve supplier invoices

Supplier invoices flow automatically into Xero as draft bills for your approval before payment. PDFs of the bill can be attached too.

A business manager holding a phone approves an invoice for payment.

4. Pay supplier invoices

When the supplier is paid, the payment displays in Xero and is matched to the bill for easy bank reconciliation.

A business administrator reconciles payment made to three suppliers.

Our Enterprise Connect partners

Make billing easier for small businesses

If you supply products or services to small businesses, integrate with Xero to get paid faster and reduce data entry for your customers.

Grow with Xero

Combine Xero’s market share with your customer base to grow brand awareness and opportunities.

Free API

Access our free API to build a connection from your billing system to Xero quickly and simply.

We’re here to help

Xero offers online help and community forums where you can join the discussion.

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