Free invoice template

Download the web’s simplest invoice template and use it over and over and over again.

Invoice template with blank fields for users to fill out.


Created by Kiwi invoicing experts, so all the formatting is right.


Clear layout is super easy for customers to follow and is suitable for just about any business type.


It does the maths for you. Punch in costs and quantities, and the invoice generator template adds everything.

Download the free invoice template

Fill in the form to get a blank invoice template as an editable PDF, with how-to guide. There’s a version for GST and non-GST businesses.

Why use this free invoice template

Built by invoicing nerds

Xero makes invoices. And we made this free one for you.

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    Works for products and services.
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    All formatting requirements checked with local experts.
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    Includes an invoice example to help you fill it out.
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    Comes in tax and non-tax versions (we’ll send both).
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    Plus you get expert tips on how to get paid.
Download blank invoice template

Invoice payment stats

Xero records the time between when invoices are issued and when they’re paid, so we know the wait times. This data is refreshed monthly.

New Zealand invoices getting paid in 24.2 days

You can shrink these wait times with a few well chosen tactics.

Get tips for quicker payment

Overdue invoices are running 6.4 days late

Invoices go past due a lot. What will your next move be?

Learn how pros handle unpaid invoices
An invoice showing paid with coins around it and a hand with a stopwatch.

Invoice example

Avoid rookie mistakes when filling in your blank invoice template. Here are four tips to start with (invoice example included in download).

Invoice example with fields ticked

Give two dates

Say when the invoice was sent. And even more importantly, say when payment is due.

Add an invoice number

Include a unique code for quick reference. Customers can quote it when making bank transfers.

Be clear about tax

If adding taxes, show the rate and dollar amount being charged. Be equally clear if you’re not charging taxes.

Tell them how to pay

Tell customers how to pay in ‘Additional notes’ section of this PDF invoice template. Include bank details.

Getting paid sooner

You want to get customers on the clock ASAP. And they may also respond faster when the work is fresh in their mind.

You don’t have to give customers 30 days to pay. Try 14 or even 7. So long as you signal your shorter payment terms up front, data shows customers tend to pay sooner.

Businesses often use PO numbers to ensure incoming bills are charged to the correct project. Your invoice may be rejected without one. And what’s worse, a customer may not even tell you it’s been rejected until you ask why it hasn’t been paid yet. You’re better off to ask if you need one at the outset.

Your point of contact is probably not the person who pays the bills. Ask where to send your invoice. If it’s a business, they may have an accounts payable department for that sort of thing so ask for their email address.

It never hurts to send a polite reminder when your invoice is coming due. This probably doesn’t apply if you only gave them 7 days to pay in the first place, but if your payment terms are any longer then a well-timed heads up can inspire action. And it lets your customer know that you care about getting paid on time.

What if your customer doesn’t pay?

Invoices go past due all the time. You’ve probably missed a few bills yourself. That doesn’t mean you just quietly accept it. Tell your customer it’s now overdue and ask (in your nicest possible voice) when you can expect payment.

You can avoid a lot of back and forth by quoting the unique invoice number, the due date and the date sent. Also attach a copy if you’re communicating via email. It helps get everyone on the same page quicker.

Make sure the delay isn’t caused by a disagreement. If there’s a dispute coming, you’re better off getting to the bottom of it now. So take some time to confirm they’re satisfied with the work and that the invoice was what they expected. If they agree they’re happy with everything then it’s hard for them not to pay.

Perhaps they’ve lost your bank details. Or they need you to attach a PO number. Or maybe they need your point of contact to sign off on something. Ask if there’s anything else they need to process the payment.

If you’re being ghosted on email, pick up the phone. An in-person chat can clear up a lot of confusion quickly.

Your multi-purpose PDF invoice template

This flexible blank invoice template can be used as a:

  • Included
    sales invoice template
  • Included
    tax invoice template
  • Included
    interim invoice template
  • Included
    final invoice template
  • Included
    recurring invoice template
  • Included
    retail invoice template
  • Included
    services invoice template
Download free invoice template

Sales invoice template

To use this template for sales invoices, simply list items and prices, pick a tax rate and – voila! – it does the sums for you.

Download and use as a sales invoice template
Two hands shaking through a device.

Tax invoice template

Fill out the form and we’ll send a tax invoice template, too. It shows tax rates and dollar amounts for GST-registered businesses.

Download free invoice template
A calculator showing 8000

Interim invoice template

This template is perfect for charging progress payments. Save it on your drive and change the details for each subsequent invoice.

Download and use template for interim invoices
Two devices showing envelopes with 7 days and 14 days.

Final invoice template

When requesting the last in a series of payments, simply flag it as the final invoice in the ‘additional notes’ section of this template.

Download and use template for final invoices
Device with envelope showing final invoice on it.

Recurring invoice template

Fill out this invoice template and save it to your drive. On the next billing cycle, you’ll only need to change the date and invoice number.

Download and use template for recurring invoices
Three images showing an envelope, a calendar and an invoice paid.

Retail invoice template

List each product in a row of this template, then use columns for prices, quantities and tax rates (where applicable).

Download and use template for retail invoices
A person in retail receiving an order and invoice.

Services invoice template

This template includes a description column where you can explain the services provided. Add in the costs and you’re good to go.

Download and use template for services invoices
A delivery driver completing their service and ready to invoice.

One last tip from us

Keep copies of your invoices

After filling in your blank invoice template, save a copy for your records. You’ll need those copies at tax time. It’s also handy to be able to send a copy when following up on late payments.


Xero does not provide accounting, tax, business or legal advice. This template has been provided for information purposes only. You should consult your own professional advisors for advice directly relating to your business.

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