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Construction estimate template with blank fields for users to fill out.

Download the construction estimate template

Fill in the form to get a construction estimate template as an editable PDF. We’ll also link you to a guide on how to use it.

Getting started with the construction estimate template

Break down time and materials in as much detail as you like then add prices and you’re done. For more on how to use this construction estimate template, see our how-to guide (we'll send the link along with the template).

how-to guide

Add the amount of tax (if any) to the appropriate box. If there’s no tax, just leave blank.

Use the blank fields to spell out important things like when you will expect to be paid. There may be a schedule of part-payments or discounts. Also make a note of any work the client has to do before you can get started. Now let's get this estimate out the door. Good luck!

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