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Take control of your compliance workflow with Xero Workpapers. Customize workpapers to suit your practice, and collaborate and communicate with clients online.

Benefits of Xero Workpapers

Share and work anywhere

Your team can prepare, review and approve workpapers from any device. It’s easy to share data, work remotely and respond to client queries.

Keep your data safe and secure

Your data is stored securely online. Two-step user authentication adds extra protection at login, and you control what access your staff members have.

No adjustment double-handling

Post draft or approved adjustment journals from Workpapers directly into a Xero organization, so the financials remain up to date without duplicate work.


Import data and trial balance

Easily populate workpapers when you’re ready to start a client job by importing data and a trial balance direct from their Xero organization.

Workpaper screen 1
Workpaper screen 1

Handle client queries in the cloud

Provide personalized service through the secure client query portal. Clients can answer queries and upload documents straight to the relevant workpaper.

Store documents for easy retrieval

Store your source documents in the logical place – directly alongside the workpaper. It’s easy to drag and drop files so they sit with the relevant data line.

Workpaper screen 1

Getting started is simple

With no software to download, downtime to deal with or server upgrades to worry about,
Workpapers is good to go when you are.

No software
No software to install

Thankfully the days of installing software updates are over. Workpapers lives securely in the cloud.

No license
No expensive licensing

Pay a small monthly fee, or enjoy access to Workpapers as an added benefit of being a Xero partner.

No support costs
No support costs

We’re here to help you get the most out of Workpapers. And we regularly update the software too. All at no extra cost.

Ways to master Workpapers in minutes

Want an in-depth look at Xero Workpapers or to check out a feature? We’ve got what you need.

Watch an overview

Xero Workpapers video

Let staff learn online

Using Workpapers in your practice

Check out more training

Get educated online

Help at your fingertips

Xero help center

Your questions answered

How much does it cost to use Xero Workpapers?
Workpapers is available as a partner program benefit for all certified silver and above accounting and bookkeeping partners. If you're a Xero partner but haven’t reached silver just yet, you can purchase Xero Practice Manager and Workpapers for $149 per month.

Does Xero Workpapers require all of my clients to be on Xero business editions?
No. Xero Workpapers works beautifully with business, cashbook and ledger editions of Xero.

Can I export my workpapers?
You can export your workpaper pack anytime as a zip file – or as a single PDF document with or without source documents. You can also export individual workpapers as a PDF document.

Can I create my own custom workpapers?
Yes, in addition to our suite of preformatted workpapers, you can create your own to suit your practice's compliance needs.

I don’t prepare annual financial accounts. Can I use Xero Workpapers?
You can use Xero Workpapers for financial reports covering any period up to 366 days.

How do I set up Xero Workpapers?
To get started, complete the step-by-step self-paced Xero U course Setting up Workpapers for your practice. For more help, please contact your dedicated Xero account manager.

How do I train my staff on Xero Workpapers?
To get started, complete the self-paced step-by-step Xero U course Using Workpapers in your practice. For more help, please contact your dedicated Xero account manager.

How do I get support and training for Xero Workpapers?
Xero practice products are supported by Xero via dedicated email support, the award-winning Xero help center, and online learning delivered via Xero U and Xero TV. You can also engage Xero practice consultants for end-to-end assistance with implementation, migration and training. For more information, ask your dedicated account manager or contact us on partnerteam@xero.com.

What are the latest changes to Xero Workpapers?
We frequently add to and improve the tax forms, worksheets and other features of Xero Workpapers. See the latest updates.


Xero Partner Program

Workpapers are available worldwide to eligible accounting and bookkeeping partners as a benefit of the Xero partner program.
Contact us about becoming a Xero partner and our welcome team will help you get started.

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