Making a plan to onboard your clients

Hubdoc can help reduce much of the back-and-forth that goes on to collect documents from your clients. However, it doesn’t eliminate the need for good collaboration between you both.

Getting ready to work together

As part of your onboarding discussions with clients, there are some important things to talk about in regards to uploading documents into Hubdoc.

Your clients will have to play a part in their bookkeeping by sending in their source documents. Work with them to establish when and how often they should take photos of receipts, scan-in documents, or forward digital bills by email. Check in to help them get into the habit of doing these things.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Set up a recurring weekly event in your client’s calendar, where at a dedicated time they take photos of their receipts using the Hubdoc mobile app, manually upload any outstanding documents, and check they’ve forwarded any emailed bills.

  • Make use of Hubdoc’s integration with ScanSnap so your clients scan documents directly into Hubdoc. Learn more about using ScanSnap with Hubdoc here.


From paper to Hubdoc

Your clients will still be responsible for uploading their paper documents to Hubdoc. This Xero Central article provides instructions on how to upload paper to Hubdoc using the mobile app, via email, scanner, or desktop computer.

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Onboarding clients to Hubdoc

Find out what's involved during and after onboarding clients to Hubdoc, and what information you need.

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