Guide to inventory

Inventory management is more than just knowing what’s been sold and what you’ve ordered. Find out what else is involved.

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Successful inventory management

Learn the strategies and techniques behind successful inventory management. And be smarter in how you buy, count and value your inventory.

  1. What is inventory?

    Your inventory is one of the most important purchases you’ll make. It’s the reason you’re in business.

  2. Types of inventory

    Inventory comes in many forms. Understanding the types will help you identify it for valuation and management.

  3. Inventory management

    A complete overview of your inventory will help your business run smoothly and profitably, so where do you start?

  4. Inventory accounting

    Inventory can be a big expense, and a big earner, so it pays to stay on top of the numbers.

  5. Inventory management systems

    You know inventory is vital to a healthy business. So let’s look at some systems for efficient inventory management.

  6. Inventory management software

    Inventory management software may give you the extra time you need, or the ability to take things to the next level.

  7. Tools and guides for your business

    Now that you’re in business, you want to stay there. Xero’s got resources and solutions to help.

Why Xero knows how to manage inventory

Xero is home to millions of small businesses, who use our software to run their finances and accounting. About 200,000 accountants and bookkeepers use us too. We asked some of those owners and experts how to manage inventory, then put their insights into this guide.

Handy resources for small businesses

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How accounting technology de-stresses finances

If you feel overwhelmed by small business accounting, then join the club:

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    Half of businesses struggle to find time for things like financial admin
  • Included
    70% run out of cash at some point
  • Included
    Hundreds a day turn to accounting technology for help
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