Convert to Xero from any accounting software

Ready to start using Xero for your business? Below are three conversion methods that allow small business owners of all levels of expertise to accurately convert financial data into Xero.

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Hundreds convert their QuickBooks files to Xero every month

Use a free QuickBooks conversion tool

When you sign up for Xero, you can upload your QuickBooks data into a free conversion tool. Once the data has converted, you’ll have access to current and prior year transactions and enjoy all things Xero for your business.

Before you start, check out our conversion resources:
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Step-by-step instructions

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File prep checklist

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Conversion checklist

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Use Xero's DIY conversion templates

Use a series of csv templates made accessible within Xero to accurately import your Chart of Accounts, Invoices, Bills, Contacts and Fixed Assets from any accounting software.

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Use Xero's conversion partners

Head over to Xero’s app marketplace to learn about our experienced conversion partners and their white glove approach. They use a variety of tools to ensure your transaction history is accurately converted into Xero, your data is tidy and your Chart of Accounts is setup to your liking. 

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