Xero Practice Manager: The benefits of a single, integrated platform

Xero Practice Manager is a complete solution to run your practice. Here’s everything you need to know.

Dashboard of Xero Practice Manager showing a summary of time, productivity and important dates.

Managing clients, jobs, staff, and reporting in your practice can feel like stacking a tower of plates. The tasks keep piling on, and balancing everything only gets harder. Tech tools for these tasks exist, but they don’t always talk to each other like cloud-based software does. Data doesn’t flow seamlessly between the systems, and information isn’t stored in the cloud, which means it can be difficult to access and keep up to date.

But what if you could host all of these tasks – all of that information – in a single place? So you’d only need to use one software platform to see all your client details, staff permissions, job statuses, tax obligations, a payroll view as well as insights and reporting in one single view?

That’s where Xero Practice Manager comes in.

Centralised tasks and a clearer practice view

Xero Practice Manager (XPM) is designed as a complete solution to help run your practice.

The platform covers jobs, timesheets, invoicing, detailed client management and insights, and reporting. Allocate tasks to your team, set deadlines, and track progress as you go. Receive timesheets from your staff, which can be used to populate client invoices for billable work. And create reports that track the metrics that matter to you.

Xero Practice Manager is connected to the rest of Xero, so your client and staff records are synced across the platform. This means you don’t need to check multiple places to see if the latest invoice has been paid – everything’s waiting in Xero Practice Manager.

The platform is also highly customisable. You don’t have to stick with the default templates and settings – you can create custom fields and job statuses, as well as customised job and reporting templates and custom-branded documents that slots into your practice workflows.

From the first client proposal to the final invoice, Xero Practice Manager has the functionality to support you.

Understand your practice better with our latest updates

We know it’s a challenge having to check multiple places and update information in more than one tool. So we’ve brought Xero Practice Manager and Xero Tax together, to minimise data entry and repetitive tasks for your team.

Soon our UK customers get compliance and practice management tools as one single experience making it much faster to prepare and file accurate accounts. This means you don’t need to work with separate data sets – the information in Xero’s core bookkeeping tool will flow effortlessly between Tax and Practice Manager.

Having a single tool for several tasks can make your daily workload much more manageable. The alternative is multiple, disconnected programs that require you to update everyone individually. There’s no single source of truth, and the data you work with isn’t up to date and often doesn’t reflect your true practice or client picture.

Whether you’re onboarding new clients or filing tax returns, having a single system to manage all tasks enhances your efficiency, accuracy, and compliance. And supports better financial management and decision-making.

With Xero Practice Manager and Xero Tax integrated, you can get real-time insights on the jobs in progress to help you prioritise work and deliver timely support. Plus, you spend less time on data entry and limit the risk of human error. It’s a win-win.

We’ve also added more capabilities to staff roles and permissions including access to client Xero organisation to give you more control over how information is used and shared. You can now set staff access and permissions across the whole Xero suite, directly from Practice Manager.

This single staff experience will help you keep information secure and safe, in compliance with data protection regulations. But it also makes onboarding and offboarding easier, because your team has access to the right information about clients and jobs at the right time.

More value for your practice and clients coming soon

Our new integrated solution brings everything together in a way that means you spend less time switching between tools and more time supporting clients with a single experience and view.

But that's not all. Our customers will also get a new client dashboard with timely insights on the financial health and key metrics of their clients – and the integrated Xero Practice Manager and Tax beta is live now.

You’ll be able to see business health, profits, and expenses for your clients at a glance. So when they come to you with questions, you can pull up the latest data and advise them accordingly. Better yet, you can get ahead of cash flow challenges or spot other obstacles before they affect your clients, and offer support ahead of time.

As Xero Practice Manager evolves, we’ll keep finding ways to make the system more useful and valuable for you and your clients. The solutions we covered here are available for you today – just sign up for the partner programme to explore them. Once you’re a partner, you can sign up to test new features – like the integrated Xero Practice Manager and Tax beta – by becoming a Xero Insider.

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