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We know that accountants and bookkeepers love to know the numbers. So simply enter your details below, to find out how your practice compares to other UK practices using Xero, and what you need to get to where you want to be.

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How does your practice stack up?

Two years ago, we began taking in-depth surveys from our accounting and bookkeeping partners. Once we’d gathered comprehensive practice information, we created - and continue to create - our Benchmarking reports.

In the 2018 round of benchmarking, 939 accountanting and bookkeeping firms completed our benchmarking survey. From that, we compiled information on how practices are performing across the board - as well as what it means to be a top performer.

What does the graph show you?

The graph shows how your practice is performing relative to other practices surveyed on key metrics of:

Revenue per client’ and ‘Clients served per employee’. But before you start comparing, it’s important to remember that this is about how you’re performing relative to your own practice goals and values. With this in mind, each of the blue dots is a Xero practice.Yours is the green dot. You can see others’ position by hovering over or tapping on one of the dots.

High, middle, low. It’s all relative.

It’s a good idea to put in your 2017 numbers first and then to adjust your numbers to align with your 2018 practice goals and targets, to see where that will place you among your peers.

The pacesetting practices

A pacesetting Accounting firm is one with a large number of clients (300+) using online cloud software, that has grown rapidly and has double the advisory revenue of average firms. Similarly, a pacesetting bookkeeping business is one with the largest number of clients (300+) using online cloud software.

To be recognised as a pacesetter,  UK firms are measured against metrics of: revenue growth, clients per employee, advisory services revenue, and revenue per employee.

The pacesetting Xero UK accounting and bookkeeping practices

  • 14% revenue growth
  • 38 clients per employee
  • £382,700 advisory services revenue
  • £113,200 revenue per employee

How to improve your practice standing

According to our industry-wide research, the number one way to increase your practice performance (on the key metrics above), is to embrace cloud accounting to unlock the advisory services opportunity for your firm.

There are loads more insights on how to improve your firm’s performance in the 2018 report, including advisory service revenues, practice marketing and client retention insights.

Download the 2018 accounting and bookkeeping industry report here

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