Uncovering the truth about the power of Xero

There are several misconceptions about Xero and its functionality circulating. So we put our Xero's to the test to set the record straight.

Uncovering the truth about the power of Xero

Myth #1 - Xero isn’t for all businesses

Our extensive product portfolio continues to expand and is flexible enough to meet the needs of clients of all shapes and sizes.

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Myth #2: Xero is not suitable for all my clients

Myth #2 - Moving to Xero is a hassle

Changing the way you work and moving clients to new software can be difficult, but not with Xero at your side.

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Myth #3: Moving clients to new software is a hassle

Myth #3 - Xero’s support lacks real people

Xero's support is built around real people with knowledge and experience of accounting that can help ensure you get the best experience.

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Myth #3: Xero’s support is automated with no real people behind it

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