Chapter 1

Setting up your values and purpose

We explore why football teams need a purpose and values, and how you can develop your own.

Football club scene with large group celebrating together

There are plenty of reasons to set up a football team, besides wanting to play the sport.

A group of new mums or dads might choose to start a club so they can take some time for themselves. Friends with physical disabilities might decide to start a club so they can give more opportunities to players and make football more accessible. And people who are gender non-conforming might decide to start a club so that nonbinary and trans people have a safe space to play the sport. It’s not always about the game – it’s about the space and relationships you can create.

Before you start a club of your own, you’ll need to decide on a purpose. Your purpose can be something outlined above, or something even more simple – like giving local teens somewhere to go on a Saturday morning.

One of the most common conundrums new football teams face is deciding whether they’ll play for fun or play to win. Of course, you can still have fun if you’re playing to win. But figuring out whether your focus is more recreational or competitive will help others decide if they want to play for your team, depending on what their priorities are.

Having a clear purpose is handy because you can use it to guide club decision-making. Your purpose will help you figure out where to seek fundraising, and who might be willing to sponsor your team.

Next, you’ll need to think about your team values. Your entire team should live by these, so you’ll want to ensure everyone knows what they are and what they mean to your club. Some examples of values include integrity, empowerment, resilience and equality.

Your purpose and values will also make onboarding easier for members who arrive later in the season by giving you a framework for behaviours and practices.

A complete guide to setting up your own football team

From establishing values and setting up your business, to building a budget and securing sponsorships, get started on the right foot.

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