Chapter 5

How to collect money

We explain why having a process for money collection matters, and how you can automate payments.

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If the idea of handling money sets your teeth on edge, there are plenty of tools out there that make it painless.

One small change you can make is to offer your players a direct debit. This helps you establish a consistent income while lessening the burden for players who forget to bring cash.

If you’re not techy, you can always use a spreadsheet to record your income and expenditure. Just bear in mind that this will require quite a bit more admin than automated apps, so set plenty of time aside to maintain your records.

Grassroots football teams often spend a lot of time chasing money and following up with fees. Digitising payments and automating payment reminders can help you stay on top of things without lifting a finger.

Today, there's a selection of apps designed for sports teams that enable you to collect digital payments.

  • Teamo lets you manage your players and collect payments through the app. It also connects with Stripe and GoCardless, so you can link it with Xero too.
  • Pitchero works similarly. Manage players, bookings, events, and payments through the app, without the need for physical cash to change hands.
  • Love Admin is a great solution for storing your club data in a single, secure place. It also has online payment functionality and automates club admin.
  • And if you’re looking for something that does all of the above, and has a Xero integration, try Hello Club.

Handling the finances will fall to someone in your core team, so core team members must be aware of these responsibilities. This is another reason why your purpose and values are so vital – they’ll help you find the right people to hire.

A complete guide to setting up your own football team

From establishing values and setting up your business, to building a budget and securing sponsorships, get started on the right foot.

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