Help farmers get ahead with Xero for farming

Find out how Xero, Figured and PaySauce can help your farming clients run a more informed and efficient business.

Two farmers walk through a herd of cows in a paddock.

Running farms with Xero, Figured and PaySauce

The complexity and demands of modern farming means farmers need to be experts in a broad range of areas, both on the farm and in the office.

Expert support lightens the load

Great farms are run by great teams and the best farmers surround themselves with experts and make use of technology to lighten the workload.

Online software that works together

Xero, Figured and PaySauce form the definitive agricultural financial management technology stack for farmers and their team of experts.

The Xero, Figured and PaySauce logos display on a photo of a field being plowed.

Value for advisors

Enhance your role as a valued contributor to a financially sustainable farming operation and become the advisor of choice in your community.

Compliance, budgeting & forecasting

Xero, Figured and PaySauce help solve your client’s regulatory financial compliance, people compliance, and budgeting and forecasting needs.

Sound, timely advice

With this combination, you can offer clients relevant, accurate and timely advice in a scalable and repeatable way.

Help accessing capital

Empower your clients to be in the best possible position to access bank capital with the confidence to act quickly.

Value for farmers

Give clients an up-to-date view of their whole business and a clear strategy for the future.

Financial and HR compliance

Give your clients peace of mind and help prevent mistakes. Together Xero, Figured and PaySauce take care of financial and HR compliance.

Budgeting and financial forecasting

Budgeting and financial forecasting is made easy and all the farming governance team has access to the information to make sound decisions.

Access to bank capital

With compliance and governance taken care of, clients are well placed to access bank capital by illustrating a mitigated risk profile.

What our customers are saying

New Zealand farmers tell us their stories

Read what Kiwi farmers have to say.

  • Included
    Clovalley Farms
  • Included
    Di and Col Wilson
  • Included
    Ed Whiting

Xero has helped us realise our goals.

How a Taranaki farm built a sustainable business. Clovalley Farms

Two farmers in a paddock

With Xero, there’s no confusion.

Moving from detail to big picture thinking. Learn about Wilson dairy farming

Three farmers speaking in a paddock

I can make financially-informed business decisions faster.

How technology transformed a farming business.Read about the airport farm

Two farmers and their children relax over lunch on the farm.

Resources to strengthen relationships

Handy resources for helping clients

We’ve created some handy resources to help you work with your clients, strengthen your relationship, and demonstrate the power of Xero, Figured and PaySauce for their farming business.

  • Included
    Client webinar template
  • Included
    Facebook and LinkedIn tiles
  • Included
    Email templates
  • Included
    Xero for farming video
  • Included
    Partnership guide
  • Included
    Client brochure
  • Included
    Farm finances: research insights

Client webinar template

Tailored slides to show your clients how Xero for farming works.

Two slides depicting a farmer and advisor in conversation, and a flock of sheep in a field.

Facebook and LinkedIn tiles

Share imagery and messages with your clients on social media with these Facebook and LinkedIn social tiles.

A social media tile featuring two farmers talking as they walk past a field of cows.

Email templates

Invite your clients to explore Xero, Figured and PaySauce with you.

Download the templates
Examples of Xero for farming email templates.

Xero for farming video

Show your clients how Xero, Figured and PaySauce work together.

Share the video
A still from the Xero for farming video shows machinery working a paddock.

Partnership guide

Find out how you can help your clients work more efficiently with Xero, Figured and PaySauce.

Download the guide

Client brochure

Share this brochure with your clients to give them an overview of Xero, Figured and PaySauce.

Download the brochure
The cover of the Xero for farming brochure, featuring a farmer and farm dog, plus two other pages.

Farm finances: research insights

See our thoughts on addressing the key issues farmers say they face dealing with farm finances.

Download the report
The cover of the farm finances report, showing a farmer with their tractor in a field.

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